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Humans are very skilled at recognising situations visually.  However, it has always been a challenge to get computer-based systems to perform such recognition with accuracy.  Smart Sensor technology uses an appearance-based approach to visual recognition and achieves consistently good results.  Real-time or stored images are processed using task, scene, function and object contextual knowledge to improve the recognition processes.


There are several discrete stages in the process.  Sensors view a scene and key features are extracted and grouped.  Objects are then identified, recognised and tracked both spatially and temporally.  Contexts and situations can be learnt and events triggered if specified parameters met.

The software is available in modules that address specific situations; counting, identifying gender, measuring density, observing queues, measuring attention time and tracking objects.  The underlying core software can be adapted to other situations if required.

Modules can be combined to further enhance reporting possibilities.

The visual advantage

The use of visual image processing has a number of advantages over other technologies such as the use of lasers, infra-red sensors, thermal imaging or mechanical detectors:

  • Video based systems are intuitive to set up and administer.

  • They have the advantage of being suitable for any ceiling height ideal for large public spaces and for outdoor situations.

  • By using commercially available video capture equipment and processors, value is added in software. This allows an evolutionary development so that a system installed today can continue to be upgraded with new versions of software.

  • Video based data collection is very adaptable; there is no requirement to modify a floor plan or customer flow in order to accommodate sensor limitations.

Indoors and outdoors
Smart Sensor technology is also suitable for outdoor deployment as in traffic and crowd monitoring.

Linked sensors

Many sensors can be linked together to form an observation matrix.  Continuous tracking is therefore possible within that matrix.
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