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BlueSight Systems sell software or complete systems to specialised value added resellers.  Each system is built to a customerís exact requirements and are generically known as BlueSight Data Intelligence (BDI) systems.  They are built predominantly around products from our primary suppliers, but may include additional capability from other carefully selected sources.

We offer a range of processors right up to mission-critical machines with hot-swappable drives and 24/7 on-site maintenance support.

Diagnostic services are available that can report on sensor health, system performance and can even perform remote configuration assistance.    

Customised solutions

BlueSight Systems can provide all the hardware and software required for a particular task identified by the customer.  The reseller will deliver and commission the BDI system to the customer, provide training and first line technical support.

Data outputs to the customer may take several forms, ranging from simple tables to coloured 'contour maps' overlaid on architectural drawings.  By fully understanding customer requirements we can deliver a system exactly as required.

Modular and flexible

BDI systems are modular.  Additional features may be added to the system as the customer demands.  For example, sensors may be re-tasked with a new function - a counting sensor may be re-deployed as a tracking sensor.  Any modifications can be made using the web-based configuration tools.  If the customer has a current maintenance agreement, software updates and algorithm advances are made available for automatic download.

Indoors and outdoors
Smart Sensor technology is also suitable for outdoor deployment as in traffic and crowd monitoring.

Linked sensors

Many sensors can be linked together to form an observation matrix.  Continuous tracking is therefore possible within that matrix.
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