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BlueSight Systems signs Master Reseller Agreement with Verint

Verint is a global company with a wide product portfolio which includes video analytic tools that can be used for retail optimisation.  Retail Traffic Analytics (RTA) is of particular benefit to retail store planners and brand marketeers and is used to track customers anonymously around a store or location.  Dwell time, routes and flow can be graphically presented for analysis.

For a brochure on RTA go to the Downloads section.

BlueSight Systems authorised by Franhofer to sell SHORE software development kit
The Fraunhofer SHORE development toolkit allows for the creation of products that require measurement of human emotions such as happiness, anger, sadness - coupled with age and gender information.  Triggers can be initiated when specific emotions or conditions are met.  Applications include market research, experiential marketing activities and mood evaluation. 

For a brochure, go to the Downloads section.
Quividi announces VidiCube, an audience measurement applicance
Quividi recently announced a new product - The VidiCube.  It is a small form-factor Linux-based appliance that runs VidiReports or VidiGates for audience measurement or people counting applications.  It is an autonomous device, so can be deployed in a wide variety of situations. 

The VidiCube includes a BDI-525 camera which may be discreetly mounted adjacent to a point of interest such as a retail shelf edge or advertising poster.  The system will detect faces and measure a person's attention time, gender and age.  Data is uploaded to a cloud-based charting service for analysis.  No images are stored at any time, only anonymous metrics are collected.

For a brochure, go to the Downloads section.

Indoors and outdoors
Smart Sensor technology is also suitable for outdoor deployment as in traffic and crowd monitoring.

Linked sensors

Many sensors can be linked together to form an observation matrix.  Continuous tracking is therefore possible within that matrix.
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