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BlueSight Systems is a distributor of hardware and software specifically focussed on smart sensor technologies.
We define smart sensors as devices which use visual information processing to perform specific functions such as counting, identifying, measuring and analysing behaviour.

BlueSight sells to integrators and specialist resellers in the UK and Ireland.  We provide technical support, pre and post sales consultancy and have links with technology partners who have specific expertise in tracking and behavioural analysis.

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Creating value from operational information

One of the biggest benefits of using Smart Sensors is that they are able to view behaviour in a non-intrusive way.  Although they use visual methods, once the video signals have been processed by the software, no images are retained by the system.  No personal privacy or personal data protection issues are encountered as video sources are only used to create data. 

This technology is ideal for retail planning where data can be collected on real customer behaviour without the need for mystery shoppers, tagging or other intrusive methods which may cause unreliable results. 

Other application areas include queue measurement, tracking, gender identification, dwell time analysis, density measurement, accurate counting, traffic observation and security.

Measure > Analyse > React

By measuring performance, analysing and then reacting, an iterative closed loop approach to business improvement can be adopted. 

For example, a store planner may observe customer traffic around a new product display.  By analysing dwell time in the area they may find that whilst people pass the new display, they are not attracted to it.  The planner may observe the effects of signage modifications and actually measure the improvement in dwell time as a result.

A threshold can be set for the maximum queue length in, say, an airport so that when the threshold is exceeded, additional staff can be deployed to reduce queues.

Sensors may observe people passing a store, count the numbers browsing the window display and then track the customers as they enter the store.  The system can even differentiate between tracking staff and customers so that customer/staff engagement ratios can be analysed.

Smart Sensor technology can improve your business or enhance your security.   Accurately.  Reliably.

Indoors and outdoors
Smart Sensor technology is also suitable for outdoor deployment as in traffic and crowd monitoring.

Linked sensors

Many sensors can be linked together to form an observation matrix.  Continuous tracking is therefore possible within that matrix.
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